According to CNNMoney, Silver Lake is one of the best Big-City neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles!  The area has really blossomed in recent years and provides boutique shopping, excellent dining options, and a wide variety of clubs and bars for nightlife and live music.  Since the 1990s, Silver Lake has become the center of the alternative and indie rock scene in Los Angeles.  The homes are known to have great character and lots of charm.  Silver Lake is flanked on the northeast by Atwater Village and Elysian Valley, on the southeast by Echo Park, on the southwest by Westlake, on the west by East Hollywood and on the northwest by Los Feliz.  The neighborhood was named for Water Board Commissioner Herman Silver, who was instrumental in the creation of the Silver Lake Reservoir, located within the neighborhood – which provides a serene setting for walking or running. Ivanhoe Elementary School, public K–5, is a top rated and highly sought after school that some people seek to purchase near (as admittance in boundary driven).

Los Feliz is a gorgeous and affluent hillside neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California, abutting Hollywood and encompassing part of the Santa Monica Mountains.  The neighborhood is named after its colonial Spanish-Mexican land grantee, José Vicente Feliz, and, along with present-day Griffith Park, makes up the original Rancho Los Feliz land concession.  Los Feliz encompasses several smaller but distinct areas, including the Los Feliz Hills and Los Feliz Estates (north of Los Feliz Boulevard), Laughlin Park, Los Feliz Village, Los Feliz Square, Los Feliz Knolls, and Franklin Hills.  These areas contain Multi-Million Dollar homes and have been known for the large share of their inhabitants being involved in creative pursuits.  According to the Mapping L.A. project of the Los Angeles Times, Los Feliz is part of Central Los Angeles. It is flanked on the north by Griffith Park, on the northeast by Atwater Village, on the southeast by Silver Lake, on the south by East Hollywood, and on the northwest by Hollywood and Hollywood Hills.  Its boundaries are the Griffith Park line between Fern Dell Drive and Riverside Drive on the north; the Los Angeles River on the east; Hyperion Avenue and Griffith Park Boulevard on the southeast; Fountain Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard on the south; and Western Avenue, Los Feliz Boulevard, and Fern Dell Drive on the west and northwest.  A live outdoor music experience at the historic Greek Theatre, is another incredible attraction right in Los Feliz' back yard, that is not to be missed.


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